Monday, August 4, 2014

"The Uncovering Process"

Part 1:

The purpose for beginning this process is to allow yourself to become freed from everyone's opinion of you, whether it's based upon your past or even now. Although, people are going to say whatever they want regardless, but, the uncovering is for YOU, not them! It doesn't mean run around and tell your business to the whole world, but, I am saying that if something occurs in your life that you may feel ashamed of or hurt by, uncover yourself for your sanity! I had to learn the hard way. The definition of uncovering is:

  1. Definition of uncover (v)

    Bing Dictionary
    • un·cov·er
    • [ un kúvvər ]
    1. take cover off something: to remove a covering from something
    2. expose something: to find, find out about, or reveal something secret or previously hidden
    3. take off your hat: to take off a hat or other head covering
    synonyms: expose · discover · reveal · unearth · find out · come across · bare · find

    This simply means that you have now taken control over the situation!